Second SeatingGouache

Gouache is an opaque watercolor. Gouche holds its intense color and opaque characteristics throughout the painting process.

The Gouache Style & Technique

My style of painting is influenced by the Yunnan school of "heavy color," using gouache on rice paper, and includes silver, gold or copper metallic gouache to outline and highlight the images. The finished paintings are "floated" to accentuate the imagery and emotion of the paintings.



Pastel is an amazing meduim composed of finely ground pigments and a binding agent. Used by almost all artist, pastel paintings range from fine sketches to dramatic, layered paintings that defy the fragile characteristics during the painting process. Because of its fragile nature, pastels must be protected under glass framing. This is a collection of oil and soft pastel paintings.



carving tableSculptures

Bob's studio is the birthplace for several sculpture series. Using wood, metal and glass in combination, he creates three-dimensional tributes to the history of America 's native tribes and the Spirits that guided life in those tribes.

Bob’s art has evolved from his 35 years of sculpted textiles to his current wood focus. He has taught himself along the way, and now creates with a much “deeper cut,” reveling in the natural woods as he chips, grinds and finishes pieces that hopefully make you think and relax into a more comfortable world.


Sculptural Tiles

A sculpture is simply defined as a work of art that is three dimensional. Sculptural tiles follow this same idea. They’re 3-D, adding dimension and life to the walls of your home, and they are interesting and beautiful works of art all on their own. Their unique shapes and imagery speak for themselves, and are perfect for keeping the look and feel of your space simple yet exciting. Explore how this up-and-coming tile trend can amplify your home’s walls, both inside and out!


Prints / Giclées

Paintings that have sold may also be available in exclusive editions Giclées.

A giclée is a technological advancement in printmaking. A highresolution digital scans is created, then printed with archival quality inks onto heavy watercolor paper. This process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. The quality of the giclée rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums and galleries.

Only exclusive limited editions of 50, each hand numbered and signed, are printed.



From concept to completion, we will work together to bring your idea to reality. Things to consider:

We may need photographs of the subject if the painting is to be a portrait or of a specific place, so that we both know what the artwork will look like.

You will receive a written price quote for the commissioned artwork. It will be a detailed explanation of what you should expect during the process, sketches and progress photos.

Once you accept the quote, a 50% down payment will be paid and work will begin. You will receive updates and consultations during the process.

When the work is completed, final payment is due and the finished art is delivered to you.