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A giclée is a high-end fine art reproduction of my original gouache painting. It is a technological advancement in printmaking, involving a high-resolution digital scan of an original painting, then printed with archival quality inks onto heavy watercolor paper. This process provides better color accuracy and detail than other means of reproduction. The quality of the giclée rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums and galleries.

I am directly involved in the production of these giclées to maintain an exacting reproduction of the quality of the original work as possible. I also limit production of the exclusive edition giclées to what I consider my finest originals.

Only editions of 50 giclées, each hand numbered and signed, are printed. Its value may increase over time. If you are not ready to invest in an original, then a giclée is what you should purchase. The works below are available in exclusive editions giclées.

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Early MorningMoonriseOctoberWinter SolsticeAs Above So BelowIn the Light of the MoonWhere Grandfather SleepsWillowDown by the RiverYin YangEastboundStrollinIn the BayouWhosiwhatsitThrough the MistHer MessengerEclipse

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