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On the Bench

Come by often to see the progress on the work currently on my workbench.

Several new carvings in the works!

Bear TotumBear Totum:
“A Life of Service” is a commission piece as a tribute to 60 plus years of service.

FeathersStack of wood:
Another commission for “Scout’s Honor” that is part of the Lakota series. While it looks like a stack of wood with some wooden feather looking things now, by the end of the week it will begin to take shape. Once complete it will join its new home in Florida.

“Fancy Raven” will be donated to Lightning Boy Foundation. He’s ready for color and then his inlays. Ultimately he will wear waxed feathers, copper and mother of pearl.


This will be finished this week. In addition to the Paua shell inlay, “Proud Eagle” will show off a copper eye.