Artist Statement

Wendy WilkersonArt has always been at the center of my life. When I was very young, I would trace images, becoming familiar with the graceful lines, form and space. Mainly through self-taught studies, art became my profession, my expression and my joy.

Now, for over a decade, my works have taken on the intense color and vibrancy of the Yunnan school of painting, reminiscent of Jiang Teifeng and Ting Shao Kuang. Delicate rice paper that I paint on both sides in “heavy color” gouache brings brilliancy, with a visual depth and movement to the works. The Yunnan school fragmented the images using fine lines to focus the viewer’s eye. And so, those same graceful lines I practiced as a young artist now reveal the details within the whole. The brushwork moves your eyes and mind between the spatial relationships, while bold color and visual images attract and hold your imagination. Raw edges of the paper are exposed, adding to the unique treatment and style.

The various images come from the diverse cultural experiences and relationships in my life: the crow is my friend from childhood; the tree is a symbol of life – so many things that surround us.

Art is my total immersion. But my enjoyment and fulfillment in creating each piece is only part of my purpose. The final step in my art is you. I am honored to share each piece with you in the hope that they bring to you the peace and emotion that creating them brings me.