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Capturing the right image at the right time is essential to conveying your message. Whether you are documenting history, or reminding people of a good session, unique photographs are a powerful tool in creating a lasting memory of the event. Based in the Santa Fe (NM) area, I provide professional photography for conferences, meetings and other business events, such as legislative sessions, hearings and private forums. As Michael A. Bloomberg once told me, "If you don't get the photo, it didn't happen."

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Event Photography Resume


Providing professional photography for conferences, meetings and other business events.


The U.S. Conference of Mayors    1998-present
Attended cabinet-level sessions with mayors to photograph meetings with U.S. Congressmen and Presidents in the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, including inside private chambers.
Attended annual meetings with mayors to photograph sessions on policy and procedures with U.S. Congressmen, Presidents, Cabinet members and experts in various fields of policing, transportation, housing, health, and welfare.

Mayors Water Council                 2001-present
Attended water council sessions with mayors to photograph meetings with EPA, attorneys, and congressional members in testimony for funding and legislation concerns as they relate to city government.

Heburn-Superior                          1995-1998
Product photography for catalog production; organized supplies and equipment for Point-of-Purchase displays.

Checkmate Casuals                     1974-1979
Product photography for catalog production; created images and logos for reproduction; created photographic images for Point-of-Purchase displays.


Extensive experience in digital photography, including: color conversion; digital enhancement; digital archiving.
Extensive experience in computer graphics, including: Photoshop, Illustrator; Microsoft Word; Powerpoint presentations.
Extensive experience in 35mm film, including: black and white photography; 35mm color film; darkroom development.