Mandalas: The Journey for Sacred Symbols

Why does an artist venture out on a sacred journey? She goes into the unknown and brings back the vision to take you where Life has highest purpose. She goes beyond the sense of self and finds the pure energy of Spirit.

EssenceIn all that I touch;

in all that I taste;

in all that I smell;

in all that I see;

in all that I hear;

in all that there is, I am.

Everything is in me, and I am in every thing.

Come TogetherMandalas are sacred symbols of the universe. Visions from shamanic journeying encompassing these sacred symbols and form the basis of this series of paintings and drawings. During meditation, these symbols and images reveal a path to completeness and self-unity.

Examples of mandalas created in answer to specific prayers or for healing are below. Click on the thumbnail pictures to view a larger image of the drawing.

Commissions available.

All paintings and images are copyright protected.

EnergiesThe First StepDawningEssenceFocus

Prices range from $250 to $1000 unframed. If you are interested in purchasing a mandala created specifically for you, contact me to arrange for a consultation.