Sculpture by Bob Wilkerson
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Shaman's Rattle

OK! Everyone said I needed to do something with some found wood. This piece of Eastern Aromatic Cedar was part of the pick up after a storm in 2010. I had a request for a Shaman's Rattle and this was my response:

The decidedly white of the face emerges from the mix or red and white in the handle. On either side of the face the crow emerges from the human hair as a head on the right side and a wing on the left side. The blond highlights in the hair reflect the hair of the Shaman who honors me by now using the piece as part of her ceremonies:

This is now off the bench. I will add one picture later this year that shows the based that I still have to make for the rattle. It will be a simple steel base that in no way competes with the piece.

Proudly Held

mask 18mask 18

Bound Crow


Image of the head and upper torso of a Pueblo citizen. Carving is a shallow relieve with the back ground removed and undercut to give the sense of space in the Pecos Valley and looking south towards Texas. Gouache has been used to stain the shirt and hair to accent the piece. Piece is mounted on a metal stand.